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CLEAR CREEK WATER COMPANY is very proud of the process used to purify the water that you get. We use the following proven 6 or 7 step method to provide that water:
  1. Maxi-Cure® Exposure Calcium, magnesium and a range of other hard mineral salts are treated with exposure to carbon dioxide and special beds made of chemical or mineral and metal base, which through catalytic and physical reaction remove the effects of hard water.
  2. Granulated Activated Carbon - Water is slowly moved through three feet of granular activated carbon where chloramine, radon and other toxic organic chemicals such as THM, PCB, TCE and other pesticides, if present are removed. These substances are absorbed and trapped within the billions of microscopic pores found in the 1000 acres of surface area contained in that medium. The key here is contact time - the amount of time the water is in contact with the carbon. If the water is rushed through this phase the effectiveness is drastically reduced.
  3. Sediment Filtration - Here the water is passed through a series of wound fiber or packed particle filters that trap any floating or solid particles such as dust, as small as 5 microns. While it is true that the R. O. stage would do this by using this pre-filter the R.O. membrane is given to perform with greater efficiency.
  4. Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)- A two-stage treatment process in which water under high pressure is forced through a membrane having microscopic holes only .0005 of a micron in diameter. That's two ten millionths of an inch! Since most bacteria range from .2 to 1 micron and most virus from .02 to .4 micron in diameter they are too large to pass and are washed away with the constant rinse and not allowed into the product water.

    The first stage of R.O. treatment is the process by which dissolved impurities (e.g. mineral salts, sodium, toxic metals) - those even smaller than water molecules themselves - are removed. The membrane rejects these impurities by repelling them from its surface through a complex process involving dielectric and molecular interaction. They are washed away before even reaching the membrane.

    The second stage, finer than nanofiltration, takes care of those residuals which are not repelled by the first RO action. Here, the pressure of the water forces the H²O molecule to pass through the membrane, leaving behind those larger foreign substances.

    The combination of these two stages ensure that the water product which we sell is the purest available.

  5. Carbon Filtration Again! - Just before dispensing into your container, we send the water through another carbon filter to polish the taste and capture any remaining undesirable gases.
  6. Ultraviolet Light waves - To insure that any remaining bacteria and germs are neutralized, this very pure water is slowly exposed to an ultraviolet lamp, which sanitizes the water and eliminates any bacterial growth from the water. During the short term storage in our holding tank, the water is constantly recirculated through this ultraviolet safeguard.
  7. Ozonation (optional) - Some of the water we sell is from a special dispenser which injects Ozone (O³) into the water at the delivery point. This additional step adds more germ-killing effect to the water even after it is in the bottle, adding greatly to the shelf life of stored water. This can help to keep the water fresh for years, and maintain safe drinking water for those who choose to store water for extended periods of time.
Overkill is a term that can be applied to our system, but to us we're just doing things right. You, our customer, can be confident of what you're getting, and not getting in our water. Since our ice is made from the same pure water, the same assurance comes with our ice. You can enjoy our products knowing with certainty that you are sampling the best.

The Many Uses of Pure Water

Pure Water can be used in all of the following:
Drinking Cooking
Juices and Mixes Coffee and Tea
Ice Low Sodium and Other Diets
Cleaning Solutions Humidifiers
Plants Baby Formulas
Aquariums Batteries


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