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When we first decided on the name Clear Creek, it just sounded cool, clean and refreshing. We then found that in central Colorado, there is a real Clear Creek County, and through it runs a rushing rapids called Clear Creek. We wish we could bring you some of the water that this creek may have given one hundred years ago or so, but the years of pollution and mining wastes from the area have left the real Clear Creek with little more than a beautifully refreshing appearance. One would be very daring (or even foolhardy) to partake of its waters today, as is the case with most of todays natural waters.

We named our company Clear Creek to symbolize our dedication to providing what we feel is the very best drinking water available, and we try to do that in a manner consistent with concern for today's environment. We wish to provide pure healthy drinking water, and with this, we provide recyclable and reusable containers. We can't clean up our environment overnight, but each of us can do something to help each day. We encourage you to re-use the water containers, and if they are damaged, please recycle them, or bring them back to our store and we will recycle them for you, so that you can join us in efforts to keep our planet enjoyable for future generations.

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The goal of providing the very best is a daily commitment for us, and not just in the quality of the water we sell, but all the other products available, as well as the honest and dependable service. In February of 2003, we earned a great honor for our attention to that commitment by being voted the Best Tasting Water in the World. We earned a Gold Medal in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition, gaining one point more than the second place winner from Manitoba, Canada. This was a great accomplishment for Clear Creek, but was accepted by Mike as a challenge to do better.

"Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of men, but also in the sight of the Lord."
2nd Corinthians, 8:21
--Mike and Sharon Higgins


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